Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finally my little girl!

Don't get me wrong I love my little boys but, when I found out that baby #4 was going to be a little girl, I cried!
It was soo fun to have a baby girl to dress up and make smell all girlie. Then the hair...I loved playing with her hair, all the bows, and especially putting the big cupie curl in her hair. Then to find out she had curly hair...I was in Heaven.
It seems like in the last 6 months Sydney has stepped up the girl thing. Last weekend while the boys were playing video games (not watching conference) Sydney got cozy with me in my bed and we watched all of General Conference together. It was nice to see that she had better taste than the PS3 and Darth Vader.
She is also totally into anything Princess. Friday she pulled the Daddy strings and got the Sleeping Beauty DVD and gift set. (She has a way to get what she wants from him). Her gift set included glitter make-up, fingernail polish, strawberry lip gloss, the little toe separators, and a mirror. She spent most of the day putting everything on herself, me, and even Daddy.
Sydney is attached to my hip. She wants to go everywhere and do everything with me....If I am doing it, you can usually find Syd right there...She helps with cooking food, cleaning house, yard work, laundry, the crossing guard thing, doing make-up, and doing hair. If I would let her she would also be in the shower with me.
I have been extremely blessed to have Sydney in my life!!!
I can't wait to do more of the mother-daughter things with My Little Sydney!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grandma Duke's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandma!
Birthday parties are so fun at Grandma's house!
Here's some of what we do...
We sit around and gab.

Tyler had a fit and hid in grandma's coffee table. I eventually was able to get him to smile.

The kids love to play in the Toybox. It was Sydney's turn to climb in.

She is sooo funny!
Grandma testing out some lotion she got from Brandon.

Shaleene with 2T, Grandma's cat.

Ty's bandage job for a little scratch!
There's never a dull moment when we visit Grandma's
house! Happy, Happy, Birthday Mom!

Blake's Road...

Blake found one of his old Shake-and-Go cars in the shed the other day...we hide toys in there so we don't become overwhelmed with toys...and he was having the best time driving it everywhere.
He drove it in the kitchen, under the couches, and in his room.
I guess he decided that the hard wood floor in his room wasn't fun enough.
So, he found one of Dad's Sharpies and decided to draw a road on the floor.
I was able to get most of his road off with a Magic Eraser. Anything that didn't come off we'll sand off when we refinish floors....If our house survives all the kids!

Early Fall Leaves.

The kids love to play in the leaves....They love to ride bikes through them, make it rain leaves, and their favorite, put them on the trampoline and jump with them....The other day the kids kept bugging me to rake the leaves for them. And since the leaves have barely started to fall, I had to
rake half the yard to get this little pile of leaves.

They put the leaves in their shirts (a dress in Sydney's case) and brought the leaves to the trampoline. It took a while but, they where dedicated.

They jumped forever! By the time they got done jumping the leaves where little bits that looked like Wheaties.

I love it when the kids can entertain each other with the simple things in life.

I Love Slide Shows!

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