Monday, October 24, 2011

The STINKER strikes again.......

If something has been sprayed, colored, written on, flushed, dumped.......
you name it, Kaden probably did it!
This time he meant well!
He thought he would help out by starting the dishwasher. 
He was already told not to start the dishwasher, especially with out soap in it, because it's a waste of water and makes the dishes look dirty.
So, this time he put liquid dish soap in it, then started it!
Kaden with his handy work!

I caught it pretty early
and I got out the carpet cleaner and sucked up the suds on the floor...and in the dishwasher.
It wasn't THAT bad.
Thanks for being soo helpful bud!


Last year as we where moving in, my kids watched our new ward enjoy trunk-or-treating
and I felt bad because they REALLY wanted to go. 
 I had no idea where anything was, let alone Halloween costumes.
So, I promised them, "Next year we'll go, I promise."
It's next year!
This is our spooky brood!

Ty's real costume wasn't ready.  We came up with a quick, easy NERD costume.

Kaden couldn't wear his real costume because it has a another quick and easy Zombie.

Syd is a Monarch Butterfly Fairy...her real costume.

Blake couldn't wear his real costume either because it has a mask. 
We went with the next best thing, the Guille suit.
Justin had to work, as usual, so we went with out him, sucker.  He missed out!
They had a yummy dinner, a costume parade, then.....
The kids had a blast and they got enough candy to tide them over till Trick-or-treating.

"What have you been up to?" you ask?........

So, I've been a slacker, what's new? 
Summer was long, but good.
We have lawn and it's soo nice!  Did I already mention that? 
Here's a few other things that we've been up to:  
Kaden finally learned to ride his bike..only because he didn't want to be shown up by his little sister.

Syd learned to ride her bike before Kaden.  It's nice having the church right across the street.

We grew a little tomato garden...that turned out to be a BIG tomato garden.
They where on the south side of the house and go a LOT of water. 
They grew up the house, then fell.
 Then started growing up the house again...and down both window wells.  They where CRAZY!

Kaden lost two teeth within minutes of each other.  And good thing too, he was starting to have shark teeth!
 Kaden and I celebrated our birthday...And for some reason I forgot to take pictures. 
Actually, I think Justin has some.  I'll have to get some from him.
We started back to school...Our first day picture.
Tyler started 6th grade with Mrs. Malmborg and Slater. 
 Blake started 4th grade with Mr. Matt (Mrs. Malmborg's husband). 
Kaden started 2nd grade with Mrs. Stewart. 
And Sydney started Full-day Kindergarten with Miss. Payne. 
 I also went back with them, and I do all 3 recesses! (It stinks, to be honest)

Then there's my favorite Season...FALL!
It took a little longer for me to get motivated to decorate, but here it is!

We have resurrected Frankie, yet again.

We put some spider webs up for Aragon. 

A bale of hay for our new Funkins.

And a few corn stalks

You can kinda see Aragon on the roof...we also have a jack-o-lantern in the front window.

This is Kaden's Funkin...If you don't know what a Funkin is, it's a fake pumpkin that is carvable.

Blake's Mario

Sydney's Hello Zombie
Tyler has a Funkin too, but he's using his for his Halloween costume.  That'll be a surprise for later!

Tyler's Birthday

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