Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Family

For the last few days I have been at Utah State University enjoying Youth Conference with my YW. We had the best time and unfortunatly I forgot my camera, so no pictures.
Anyway, going to Youth Conference as an adult was a whole new experience. I actually had to be somewhat responsible for the crazy teenage antics, wake everyone up on time, and be the one with the prod to get kids where they needed to be on time. And because I am no longer trying to find my eternal companion, I already dress modestly, I am morally clean, and all the other topics that are usually talked about in Youth Conference didn't completly apply as much to me this time.
But, I did walk away spiritually fed.
While I was away from home, I realized how thankful I am for my family....The family I grew up with and the family I have now. (I admit, I was a little homesick)
I am thankful for how I was raised, though it wasn't perfect, and who I was raised with.
I have a great foundation to build my little family on.
I hope I can provide my children with a little of what I had as a kid.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Syd is soo funny!

I had to post this picture! One day Sydney will be so mad at me but, I think it is the funniest thing ever. As you can see, Sydney is on the potty, wearing Mr. Potato Head glasses upside down, and talking on the phone. What a multi-tasker!
We've reached a milestone in our home. We have offically potty trained all of our kids and we no longer have to buy HUGGIES!
We still have a few potty quirks, but I can handle anything if I don't have to buy diapers.

Well, it's some what viewable...

Well, I have made the transition. I had to have some tutoring from my friend Rachel to set up my page, but I made it through it, and it's some what viewable.
I still have to figure out a few things and build up my friend list, but I'm lovin' it!
School is out and we are trying to adjust to having no scheldule and it's killing me. I keep thinking, "Get to bed, you have school tomorrow!"
The weather has also been a little cold so it doesn't feel like summer yet.
I have new pictures of the kids that I want to post, but I haven't figured out how to download pictures from my new camera. That will be my next thing to master!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So it has begun....

I decided that I needed to move to seems a little more "family friendly" than MySpace....Forgive what it looks like, it may take me a while to figure out what I'm doing.

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