Friday, July 2, 2010

Swimmin at the Roy Aquatic Center.

Our Friend Rachel invited us to go Swimming at the Roy Aquatic Center with her and her boys. So, we loaded up the cooler with Sub Way and drinks
and had a fun day in the sun!!

Sydney going down the frog slide!

Now testing her floating abilities.

Kaden's turn on the slide.

Tyler and his Ozzy look.

Blake was sweet and took Sydney in the deeper part of the pool
and made sure she was safe (even though she could reach).

Ty going down the "Fast" water slide.

The splash down!

Kaden was ready to go home.
By the time I gathered everyone up to go home he was asleep.
Thanks Rachel for inviting us! We had a BLAST!! Even with the sunburns!

Father's Day Fun!

For Father's day, actually the day before, we went to camp and had a BBQ.
We had Justin's mom, my brother's kids, and my parents enjoy the festivities with us.
I forgot we had the camera until everyone was gone.
Here are the few pictures I did take though....

Here's Sydney after playing in the COLD fire pit.

Tyler cleaning out the pit after playing. He wasn't as messy though.

Blake with a grumpy look. I told him to give me a look.
This is his, "I wanna go home" look.

I didn't get a picture of Kaden because he really did want to go home.
His look would have been way worse, and REAL!

Anyway, we had a great time and Justin kinda enjoyed Father's Day!
(He had a bad sinus/head cold)

The Backyard Pool.

The kids have been begging to play in the pool for forever.
So, Summer was officially here and I didn't have anymore excuses.
Here are Kaden and Sydney having a little fun!

Here's Sydney with her new Smile!

Oh, too sweet!

Gotta have Popsicles!

The Tooth Fairy"s 1st Visit to Sydney

Poor Sydney! This is her with her partially swollen lip.
It was way worse and she looked like a Who in one of Dr. Seuss's books.
While playing, Sydney noticed that her front tooth was loose. She was soo excited!
I, on the other hand, knew that it wasn't a good sign.
Everyone had to have their chance feeling her tooth's wiggiliness.
When Blake had his turn he really gave it a go and made it wiggle more.
That night she woke up in pain. And the next morning a swollen lip.
It was an abscessed tooth and was infected.
I'm sure everyone wiggling it didn't help either.
We took her to the dentist, did the x-rays, and it was abscessed!
The only thing they can do after that is pull the tooth.
So, Sydney had her first visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Kaden's Kindergarten Graduation

Don't we love Kindergarten graduation!
I hate to say but,
I'm so glad this school year is done.
And Kaden has really been looking forward to 1st grade....Thanks Mrs. Miller for all you did for Kaden!
Here's everyone standing for the Graduates.
Kaden is one of the first ones to come in.

Kaden looking around for his cheering squad.
Don't the kids next to him look like they
are having the best time ever?

Principal Scott's last Kindergarten Graduation!
Enjoy your retirement, we'll miss you!

Kaden and his friends singing
the Peace Builder song.
Mrs. Miller giving Kaden his
Graduation Certificate.
Kaden holding up his certificate
for us to kinda see!
And of course, you got to have a picture with Eddy!
You did a great job in Kindergarten Kaden!!
Good Luck in 1st Grade!........Look out Miss Taggart
here Kaden comes!

Tyler's Birthday

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Blake's Birthday

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Kaden's Birthday

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Sydney's Birthday

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