Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Little House

We lived in our little house for six years. And when I say little, I mean little!
We moved into the house when Tyler was three and Blake was turning a year.
At the time it was a perfect house. A two bedroom house for our two little boys. We finally had our own space, a driveway we didn't have to share, our own yard.....
What more could you ask for?
Then we had Kaden. Okay, we can add one more kid to our little house. After all three boys in one room, that's not totally unheard of.
Then we started questioning what we where going to do when Sydney came....
Okay we can build on!
In the mean time, practically every room in the house was playing double duty. The living room was the everything room. We had family meals there, it was our home theater, the toy room, the anything-you-do-while-you-where-awake room.
The kitchen was of course, the kitchen. It was also the laundry room, the race track, the bowling ally and the skating rink.
The kids room....What more do I say, it was a bedroom for four kids!
The hall way...This eventually became a mini bedroom when the kids refused to share beds. Crazy, Huh?!
Our room became the computer room and Sydney's toy room.
Let me tell you, that can drive the strongest person to insanity.
We talked big about our plans to build on. We where going to add a family room, another bathroom, a kitchenette, and three more rooms!!
Then a strange twist of happenings came our way.

We have been so blessed to have our cute little house for the past six years. It will always hold a special place in my heart and memory but, our family was REALLY ready for a bigger house.
We will forever love our 1st little house!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Camping, yet again!

This is actually a few camping trips rolled into one. Because things have been soo crazy, I've been fighting to find time to update the happenings for this summer. I'm also having a hard time telling which trip is which. Thank goodness for the date stamps on the pictures!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

July 4th 2009

This year for the 4th we where in the Clearfield Parade for Wasatch Elementary. The Kids had a few of their friends from the neighborhood with them on the truck to help throw candy. They loved throwing candy soo much that they ran out half way through. After the parade we did the traditional BBQ at Grandma Duke's house. The kids played with all the dogs and played croquet. Later that night we went to watch Ana and Shaleene in State Fair. It was fun and entertaining. Afterwards we watched the fireworks and the Production Crew played patriotic music to the fireworks. I highly recommend everyone see Clearfield's Fireworks from the Amphitheater!

Tyler's Birthday

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Blake's Birthday

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Kaden's Birthday

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Sydney's Birthday

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Some of Our Faves

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