Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little down time.

On the 18th of this month I went and had surgery on my foot. They did a Plantar Fascia Release on my left foot. I was excited to get it done!
So I have had a little down time before Christmas.

It kind-a stunk doing it so close to Christmas because it forced me to get everything done...I like to shop even though I should be done. **I love spoiling my kids**

Anyway, this was really the first thing I've ever had done, and it was interesting...To tell you the truth, it was a really good nap and I didn't want to wake up.

All I really remember was thanking anyone and everyone!!

The bad thing about all this is, it has been snowing and I love playing with the kids in the snow. (I can only be on my foot for so many minutes of the day. And Justin has been so protective!)
Justin totally freaks out if I try to get up or do anything. So I have only been able to watch kids from the front window.

They are so cute. They where trying to entertain me by having a snow ball fight and occasionally throwing snow at the front window at me.

They also made a cute snowman. **I snuck outside and took a picture of it**

My foot already feels 80% better than it did before, and it's only been 5 days!
A great Christmas present for me. I did ask them to put a bow on my foot. They just laughed at me. Maybe they thought I was still a little loopy!

The Snowman Justin and the Kids made, Very Cute!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Before Pictures

So here's the old trailer! I had to show pictures for posterity.
You got to love the colors, fresh out of the '70s.
We put a tarp on the top because the vents leak. It's a good thing we did,
because the next day it snowed.


The front of the BEAST. We are trying to come up with a new name for it.
I hope it isn't bad luck to rename a trailer like it is to rename a boat!?


I don't know why this picture is next but, here's the huge tub.
At least, as far as tubs in trailers go, it's huge.


The rest of the bathroom! Just what you wanted to see.
I didn't get much of the potty 'cause who wants to see potties in pictures.
Check out the Wall Paper, so hot. It matches the Kitchen.
I just thought of something Justin would say but, I will spare you.


What you see as you walk out of the "Dining Room".
Tre Chic eh?


This is kind of dark but, this is the Sitting room/Master Suite/2nd Bedroom....
That's how the tour in my house sounds too!

The Gormet Kitchen.
The Dining Room/3rd Bedroom.
As you can see by the pictures, it does need work and Justin has already started.
We have a lot of good ideas and Justin loves doing this kind of thing.
I'm hoping it will be ready to be taken out in 6 months....
This will actually be a good test to see if Justin and I can handle building on to the house.
Keep checking back for AFTER PICTURES!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Early Christmas!!

On Saturday we received an EARLY Christmas present! I want to say that we have been so BLESSED this year but, I keep saying it and it is starting to drive ME crazy! But we have been blessed.
Anyway, several months ago I was talking to a family friend about her mom's Camping trailer. It has been sitting in her back yard for as long as I could remember (I don't think I've ever seen it moved!).
They where planning on moving so, I asked her to ask her mom how much we could buy it for. Several months went by and we didn't hear anything, and we forgot about it.
Then one day my friend came to me and said, "Do you guys still want Mom's trailer?"
I said "Yes, for how much?", reluctant to hear how much she was going to sell it to us for.
Then she said, "Mom just wants to give it to you."
I was soo excited, I could have done a jig right there!
I have never been so excited to receive a fixer-upper in my life!!
Well, at least since we bought our house!
So, it's a 1977 22ft Terry, Taurus.
Like I said before, it had been sitting in her back yard for at least 10 years
and it need some work.
We need to fix a leaky roof, replace some paneling on the ceiling, upgrade or replace lights, do some upholstery work, replace curtains, and work on the heater.
Other than that it's just some minor cosmetic stuff Justin wants to do.
The kids where so excited, they where looking in every nook and cranny checking it all out, picking out their bed, suggesting places to go camping,
and actually putting in their sleeping bags!
It was probably only 40 degrees out and pitch black, but they loved it!
Justin even did a great job backing it into the backyard with a million obstacles, in the dark.
He didn't hit one thing!
THANKS SO MUCH RENEE! We owe you big time!
Sorry, no pictures yet, I can't find my dang camera.
We will definitely be showing our work in progress.

Monday, December 1, 2008

All I Want For Christmas is My THREE Front Teeth

Today Blake FINALLY lost his 2nd front tooth! It has been really wiggly for the last few days.
He came out to me with a string in hand and asked me to tie it to his tooth and the door.
(We tried this with Tyler two years ago and we wimped out)
So, I tied everything thinking, "This isn't going to happen."
I told him I couldn't do it...this was his idea.
He geared up and slammed the door...
He was to close!
Then he told me to do it, he was nervous.
I had him back up then.....*Pop*... Slam!
It took us a second to find his tooth but, it was out!
I started singing, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...."
He quickly corrected me because he has THREE teeth missing in the front.
(He has a lateral incisor missing also)
P.S. I had a hard time getting him to smile without him looking like a goof.
His camera smile is hilarious!
P.S.S. Don't you love his dirty glasses?

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