Monday, April 19, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

11 Years of BLESSINGS!!

I first met Justin at a YM/YW activity in 1993.
We where having a senior dance where we where suppose
to be dancing with the old fogies in the ward.
Everyone dared me to dance with the "new guy" and, I did.
We did the casual talk thing.......
"So, what grade are you in? (He was in 9th and I was in 10th)
Where did you move from? (Provo)"
I thought I was older than him so, after that day, I just admired him from a far.
(And I thought he looked Dang Cute in his double-breasted suit when he passed the sacrament.)
When I was a senior, I was a TA in his science class and we started to talk more.
Sadie Hawkins was coming up so I decided to ask Justin to the dance.
I asked him a "Brief Question" and he said YES
That was our official 1st date.
After that first date I decided Justin was not my type!
I hate to admit but, I ignored him after that.
After a year or so... I started to feel guilty so, I apologised and we started talking again.
He asked me if I would come to his Mission Farewell.
I thought he was funny because we where in the same ward.
Of course I would be there!
Well, come to find out we had a death on the family and I couldn't be there.
I felt so guilty! I told him I be there, and I skipped out on him!
Or at least that's how I thought he felt.
I decided to write him and explain why I missed the farewell.
The only problem was, I had to ask his MOM for his address. It took me a few weeks to get up the nerve. And even then I felt like I was going to pass out when I did.
I wrote him about 6 months into his mission and we kept writing...
Justin actually asked me to marry him a couple of letters later.
(You'll have to ask Justin about that story)
I thought he was NUTS and told him to focus on The Lords Work.
Three months after he Returned Home with Honor we where married in the Bountiful Temple.

We have been riding that Roller Coaster called MARRIAGE for 11 years.

When I think back at those years, it seems like it has flown by.

I remember the hard times but, not as much as the GOOD times!

We have been blessed for many years and I look forward to many, many more years of blessings!

But of all of our blessings, the best ones call me


I am so thankful for Justin!

I am thankful for the hard work he does to provide the things we need!

And I am thankful that Heavenly Father

has provided a way for our family

to be an Eternal Family .

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ty found this on YouTube and we LOVED it!

Easter 2010

The Coloring of the Eggs!

Every year we color eggs
and every year we get a different response to the coloring of eggs and eating of the eggs.
This year was a good and non-stressful coloring experience.
They all knew how many eggs the could color, there where no fights to use colors,
and thank goodness, no spills.
Next year we may need to color more eggs though.
Even though they have had boiled eggs before this year they went really fast.
I think it was because they are more fun to eat if they have colorful shells!

Whos eye is it?

The other day we where playing with the camera
and we thought it would be fun to do close-ups of all the kids eyes.
Which eye belongs to which kid?

The kids meet Logan.

The kids didn't get to see their new cousin Logan when he was first born
because of rules in the hospital.
So, here is the first time the kids got to meet their new cousin Logan.
The last baby born in the family was Syd, so this was a kind of new experience for the kids. Especially new for Sydney.
Syd claims she doesn't like human babies but, she was in heaven holding Logan.
Kaden liked him but, for some reason we didn't get a picture of him holding Logan.
Blake loves babies and had to fight Syd for a turn.
I think Ty was a little nervous holding Logan, even though this is not a new experience for him.

Tyler's Birthday

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Blake's Birthday

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Kaden's Birthday

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Sydney's Birthday

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