Friday, May 20, 2011

We have sprinklers...not that we need them with all this RAIN!

Remember when I was griping about my yucky embarrassing yard...
It has now been upgraded to almost normal.
Over the last two or three weekends we where able to move the wood chips, till the backyard, trench, and put sprinklers in. 
Can I tell you how crazy the dirt at my house makes me? 
When it's are caked with it!  And it can be VERY slippery. 
When it's's like adobe bricks! 
 I don't think there's a nice happy medium....
Hey, maybe there is......grass!!
My next endeavor!
Here's a few before and afters:

(You've seen a few of these before)
Out the back door, looking to the left a little
Out the back door, looking to the right.

Out the back door, looking to the far left.

The back yard after we took out wood chips and tilled.

Looking at the yard from the opposite side.

This is where we put some of the wood chips.
(Not where I thought they should go...I thought they would look better at the dump)

And the rest of the wood chips

Spray paint lines and flags after Blue Stakes came.

We have one of those huge electrical/everything boxes in our front yard
 so MORE lines and flags

Our main line trench and new box

The front yard with trenches

One of the back yard trenches
(We didn't have lawn to worry about and it was sooo much easier)

Justin's handy work...the new valve box.  There was also one that was already installed in the back yard.

Proof that they really do work.  Justin was adjusting and checking for leaks.
I'm glad the hard physical work is done. 
The next step will be the hard mental work of waiting for the grass to grow....I'm so impatient!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silk Anniversary!

On April 8th Justin and I celebrated 12 years of marriage.  What an accomplishment!  It's been soo great that I think I can handle a dozen more Silk Anniversaries (that's 144 years) plus Eternity!

I feel bad that it's taken this long to post something but life has been crazy!
This is for my Teenage Dream:


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tyler's Birthday

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Blake's Birthday

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Kaden's Birthday

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Sydney's Birthday

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Some of Our Faves

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