Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tyler Justin

Happy Birthday Ty Guy!

Tyler came into this world weighing 7lbs and 3oz.

On March 23rd, nine years ago today!

He was a great 1st baby and made life easy for Mom and Dad.

The hardest thing we had to deal with

was him flirting with every girl. (He is truly his father's son)

Here's a few cute pictures of my little Buggy!

The proud Mom!

The burrito baby!

Gotta love the nakie pictures.

What a ham!

Ty's Ozzy Osborn pose!

Our little heart breaker.

Tyler's favorite past-time!

(More proof he's his father's son)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crystal Hot Springs with the Taggarts.

A few weekends ago we went with our good friends, The Taggart's, to Crystal hot springs. We met for Breakfast at Ramblin roads then ventured to Honeyville for a dip.
Of course, it was still quite cold outside so once we where in the water no one wanted to get out to get a camera. So, I only have a few pictures from afterward.
We have a fun time and got a jump start on our tans!
Thanks Taggarts for comming to play with us!

Sydney wouldn't sit with the boys!

Ther boys in their cozy jammies afterward.

Shed Moving Party!

Yesterday Justin got the bug to move our shed. We weren't planning to move it that day, but he was ready, so get outta his way.
First of all he started jacking up the front end and got it about two feet up...Now what? Call in reinforcements!!
Justin called his only friend that he actually will do things with, and of course, Chris and the fam came to the rescue.
Once Justin had another person with testosterone to consult with, things started going a lot faster.
They got the 10X12 monster in the air, then they put it on our little trailer... No way! It was too big and was bottoming the poor thing out.
Then they went to a rental place and got a bigger trailer.
At this point, all the customers from the tattoo parlor next door came out to watch. And I'm sure all the other neighbors where very entertained by the craziness.
The guys got the trailer, with the Shed, to where we wanted it and up on blocks.
Now to get the trailer out!
Chris moved the trailer out, it started toppling( and almost squished the MIL)but, it crashed almost where we needed it. The boys just had to give it a few shoves and muscle it to an acceptable spot.
Meanwhile, Jaime, the kids, and I played and visited. The kids had soo much fun!!! Jaime and I where actually planning a Bon fire in case the move didn't work out. We all got a good laugh out of it...Well, maybe the guys didn't.
Thanks SOO much for your help Chris! Especially the Cracker Jack show!! And thanks Jaime, our photo journalist, I stole your slide show off of Photobucket.

Why you shouldn't let a 3yr old put on make-up by herself!


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