Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma Tolman Together Again!

I have to admit, even though Grandpa just died a week ago,
to me he was gone 10 years ago when Grandma passed away.
The grandpa I knew and loved died with grandma.... They where the perfect team!
I am filled with an overwhelming sense of love an peace to know that they are in a little corner of Heaven, Together Again.
I will remember the both of them when....
I see a boat on a lake,
an aluminum can,
I have a McDonalds cheeseburger,
smell cinnamon,
I make my family fried potatoes and hot dogs,
I drive past the old shop,
I see a huge motor home,
I smell gasoline,
I smell Chlorine at a swimming pool,
I have Sour Cream and Onions Potato Chips,
I hear, "Where's the Beef!",
I see vines on a house,
see peonies in a yard,
I hear the screeching of sneakers during a basketball game,
I hear the cheers at a football game,
When I hear snoring,
we have Grandma's Green Jello at Thanksgiving,
I see a picture of Clark Gable,
I hear a piano that's out of tune,
I smell a tree like they had in the backyard,
I hear a jet fly by on a summer's day,
I have an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen,
the smell of certain cigarette smoke,
I hear a coo-coo clock hit the hour,
when I let an "Oh Hell" slip,
When we go to the dump,
or the DI,
I hear Jackson 5
I smell Irish Spring,
I smell the inside of a tent,
I smell Bug Spray,
I smell sun screen,
I see a bottle of TUMS,
I sing the Primary song, Families Can be Together Forever......
My list could go on forever.
My Grandma and Grandpa Tolman shaped and molded my life in more ways
than I can imagine to count.
You guys will be missed by many people.
I love you guys!!

Sydney's 5th Birthday

I'm kind of late, but...... On December 28th my baby turned 5!

Sydney has been acting like a 5 year old for a long time already,

but it's now official and we had a little party to celebrate.
Grandma Beep-Beep made Sydney the panda cake she wanted,
we had a nice lunch, and of course presents!

Here are a few of the MANY pictures to show the fun we had............

Sydney with her cake

Grandma Beep-Beep painted a dresser for Syd, and made drapes.

Grandma Duke gave her a new bedspread (and everything to go with it).

Here's Sydney and Shaleene checking out her new Tangled play set.
That night Sydney had her 1st "girls only" sleep-over with Grandma Duke and her cousin Shaleene. They did all the girlie things that girls do, and
she had sooo much fun!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smilebox. A new slide show site introducing.....Sledding.

I found this fun website to make slide shows. It has fun designs, you can add music, and lots fun doo-dads. I'm using the free version here. Is it a major inconvenience to have to watch their ads, or should I pay for a membership???


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