Thursday, July 2, 2009


Blake finally learned how to ride his bike!
Actually, he has known how for at least a year but, he didn't know he could.
Everytime we took him out to practice he would get wobbly then be done. This time he found his confidence and, of course, was off!

Another Camping trip.....

This year we will probably spend half the summer camping.
After putting that much work into our inhereted trailer,
we would be silly not to use it.
Also, Justn's mom is a campground manager up South Fork Canyon for Botts and Magpie.
She's a little crazy and is tenting it,
so we have our trailer parked in her trailer spot(Yes, we are soo mean and we aren't letting her use it).
It's a pretty good campgroung except it's a little close to the road for our liking. But for free, who can complain.
We also carved out an old path to our "Private Beach".
We made a little dam so the kids have a little wading pool.
Across the river from our beach there is an old dead tree. It is HUGE and at night it looks really scarry.
Justin told the kids that if they keep throwing rocks at it that it will come and get us in the night. Like the Womping Willow on Harry Potter.
They didn't believe him.
We where only there for a few days and we got a little stow-away.
As we where packing things up from the trailer that couldn't stay,
we found a mouse.
It seems to have climbed up where the pipes come into the trailer.
Gross huh?
I almost feel bad that we put out traps and Decon since we are in his territory, but we don't need mouse droppings and sicknesses from the little guy.
I guess we need to invest in lots of steel wool to plug a few holes!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

The Maiden Voyage

Our first trip in the trailer.....Finally!
We decided on Anderson Cove because
we wanted to be close if something went wrong.
It was rainy (suprise, suprise) but, we made the best of it!
The only issue we had was our water pump finally bit the dust,
it was an easy fix though.
Rain and Shine we had a good time!!

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