Monday, January 26, 2009

If you didn't think we where nuts before.....

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Bettridge clan.
Her name is Daisy May.
Of course she's a Chihuahua.
She was born October 26, 2008...So, she's three months old today.
I know mom, you are freaking out right now.
Sunday was the ten year anniversary of Justin and I getting engaged,
so Justin wanted to get me a "Daisy". (CUTE HUH?)
The slide show below shows the kids enjoying her.
But Daisy is so cute!

Our Little Daisy


Poor Oliver! Sometime last week Oliver must have gotten out (We didn't realize it, great pet owners huh?) and wandered off.
Then on Friday (Jan 23rd) Sydney started asking us where he was. Normally he gets shut in a closet but not this time.
So, when the kids got home from school we took them around the neighborhood and through the field behind our house looking for him. I sunk up to my ankles in the mud tromping through the field, so much fun!
The whole time I was praying that when we got home he would be sitting on the back porch wanting to go in. he wasn't!
Justin called the Davis County Animal Control to see if Oliver was there. They said it would be best for us to come in because they have soo many cats there
We thought it would be a waste of time but, we went anyway to see if we could get a couple of kids to nap.
I sent Justin in alone because I didn't want to depress the kids.
All of a sudden Justin called and said, "Oliver's here! I have to pay $50 to get him out though."
Come to find out a couple in Clearfield found him the day before then brought him in two hours before we got there. Probably the time we where trudging around the neighborhood!
My prayers where answered!!
His collar with all of his info was missing, but we got him back!
Now I can say I have bailed someone out of Jail, even though that someone was a cat!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trying to get back to normal...

My CrAZy Christmas Elves!

So, we made it through Christmas and having ALL the kids home full time.
Christmas was good!
We prepare and prepare, then it's over in a few hours. It's kinda like planning a wedding...You spend months getting every detail just how you want it then it's gone in a flash. It's fun though!!
I am healing from my surgery. Dr. Austead said it will take 3 months to be completely healed but, it is already a lot better. Although I still have a spot on the bottom of my foot that is numb, WEIRD.
We celebrated Sydney's Birthday at Chucky Cheese. Grandma Beep Beep totally insisted and paid for everything. I forgot my camera so the only pictures I took where with my phone.
I can't believe my baby is already three!
Justin's birthday was two days later. He never usually wants to do anything though. Plus he had to work, what a bummer. I only saw him for 3 hours that day. So the next day, New Years Eve, I took him out to eat and to a movie he really wanted to see. It was crazy, we where the youngest couple there!
When we got home we really didn't have plans or any huge parties to go to, so we did our traditional fireworks and bummed around the house. The kids had fun though!
The next week the boys went back to school, FINALLY, and we had Lola back after about three weeks. It was a major transition but, we are about back to our regular grind.
Cute Little Lola

Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Addiction!!

I has been forever since I've paid any attention to my blog, and I am truly sorry! I have become addicted to a new series of books.
Since Twilight is through, for now, I had to find something new to read. I knew my parents had the complete set of The Work and the Glory so, I said, "Why not?".
I started reading, and I haven't been able to put it down! In three weeks I have read 4 almost 5 out of the 9 books.
What made it even better was finding out that this year in Sunday School we are studying The Doctrine and Covenants. These books have brought it alive and I am finding a new joy and better understanding as we study.
I can honestly say that these books have totally opened my eyes to the restoration. They have put a personal spin on the testimony that I already have.
If you haven't already read the series, DO IT!
I am now waiting impatiently to watch the movies. I haven't dared to watch them yet because I don't want anything given away.

Princess Sydney's 3rd Birthday!

Our Christmas- Sorry it took me so long to post it!

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